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Indigo Salt

100% organic and unrefined
rock salt with spectacular
salty flavor

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Indigo Salt

up to 50% less sodium,
replaced naturally
by the potassium

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Indigo Salt

Enhancing the proper
function of the heart,
muscles, and nerves

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Indigo salt

Indigo salt is a natural low sodium rock salt made out of the rarest sylvinite ores (rock salts with high KCl) from around the globe.

By containing up to 50% less sodium Indigo salt stands as the best option for replacing your sodium-rich regular salt.
The  high  consistency  of naturally occurring potassium that has replaced the  sodium  molecules in the salt brings about extensive health  benefits  while  the salty flavor stays intact, exactly like the salt we use every day.
Indigo salt  is  100%  organic, unrefined, unprocessed, and devoid of microplastics found in sea salt.


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