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What is Indigo salt?

Origin of Indigo salt

From several different salt mines around the world traces of a range of blue, purple, and gray colored sylvinite rock salts are continuously looked for by our specialists. Once detected, the vein is carefully examined using XRF technology to ensure the rock’s purity and potassium saturation. With each extraction, we get a very small portion of salt that is up to our standards. To keep up with our promise, we must constantly select and blend the acquired rock salts to get the right balance between flavor, and potassium saturation. Our products are rigorously and frequently analyzed using 3 methods: XRF chemical composition analysis, ICP-Mass analysis, and XRD chemical compound analysis to ensure that the product is devoid of residues and carries the needed minerals potassium concentration.

Processing stone to salt

We strive to ensure that the salt you get from us is just like mother nature intended. The

crystalline structures and the share of elements especially potassium and sodium are tested with the brand new beam technologies. Also, the heavy metal pollutants and injurious compounds like mercury, lead, aluminum, iron oxide, cadmium, arsenic, and more than 50 other elements, are tested. Therefore, we are equipped with accurate methods like ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS to make sure no toxic elements or material, neither organic nor mineral, are included.
However, Indigo salt in powder form doesn’t have the strong indigo color in it anymore; this is actually a big sign of authenticity. Just like any other crystal, once crushed, Indigo salt changes most of its main color to white but none of the properties are deducted. However, you should still be able to see tiny particles of indigo color salt throughout the blend.

A fancy spice or a forgotten ancient remedy?

Indigo salt could be considered to become a standardized medication due to its marvelous therapeutic effects although prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners but has not yet been approved by any health organization as a medicine. However, based on 100s of independent articles, like this one by Harvard University, replacing sodium with potassium can enhance heart function, balance blood pressure, and is essential for the proper function of the nerves and muscles alike.
Different surveys indicate that the general public is extremely potassium deficient. So, as a supplement, Indigo salt can help healthy individuals replenish more than 50% of their potassium RDA (Recommended dietary allowance).
And finally for the foodies who are worried about their salt intake, now they can enjoy Indigo salt’s savory flavor as much as they want, while not being afraid of the health damage posed by regular table salt consumption. You can absolutely use Indigo salt on a regular basis for yourself and your family. Since it has both preventive and curing properties it could be used by people with ailments and healthy ones alike. In fact, for noticing the best results we suggest that you avoid any other type of salt altogether. Research done in 1986 aiming at people with High Blood Pressure attests that the best result is seen after 4 to 12 days of replacing the sodium with potassium in the diet.

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